Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 366

I can't believe I have completed a whole year of this, my Gratitude Journal.
I'm so thrilled that I did it... and enjoyed it!
Every day I am thankful for my boys, my wonderful family and friends, where I live and what I have. I wanted to reach beyond that and find something new every day to add to my list. It wasn't hard to do and I ended up enjoying this year of Thankful Posts very much.
I am so grateful I challenged myself and discovered how truly lucky I am.
Now how do I choose a single photo for this day???
Just before my Nanna passed away, I made her a little white dove. She was in hospital and it was Christmas. I wanted her to have this little dove to put on the small Christmas tree she had next to her bed. I wanted her to be able to see it and know that I was there with her always.
When she passed away I never saw the little dove again, and I never knew what happened to it. This was 3 years ago. When I was at my Dads on Boxing Day (just a week ago!) we went into his office and I couldn't believe my eyes.. The little dove is hanging in his office, above his desk! I don't know why I haven't seen it there before, but there it is!!! I am so grateful he has it. I am so grateful for the lovely memories I have of my Nanna.

Thanks for the journey... it's been wonderful!!!


  1. Beautiful post...and what a wonderful journal...lovely Teresa...xxxx

  2. That is truly beautiful that you found the dove in your dads office.

  3. Beautiful dove! I just began my gratitude journal! I'd love to have you come visit. I didn't know anyone else had one online too! Love to hear about your journey! Blessings! :)