Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 257

"Here's your Daily Dose of Gratitude!
Be grateful for those people who make you feel appreciated.  Who do
you know that always makes the effort to show their appreciation
for what you do and for who you are?  Make sure they know how much
YOU appreciate THEM just for who they are. 
Enjoy this day!
 Wow Sherrie was spot on today. I am grateful for my lovely friend 
Michelle. I appreciate her friendship and I love how special she 
makes me feel. Her wonderful post today on her blog about our cuppa 
and chat made my day. She makes me feel good about myself. That is one
very special friend. 
I am also grateful for Sherrie's lovely daily doses of Gratitude (which 
incidentally Michelle got me on to).  

1 comment:

  1. Oh you are such a sweetie and you have to be a good friend to have one you know....I am so humbled....even had a little blub. Thank you. I did the OMG thing about Sherrie's post too. You are such a unique and special person and don't' ever let anyone make you think less of yourself. This old world needs joyful people(especially ones who love cake) like you.Hugs xxx