Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 194

I am grateful for Vicki.
Lovely, thoughtful Vicki sent me a message today after I posted that I was feeling rather flat over the excitement of James being home, and then the sadness of having him leave again for work in the snowfields for 3 months. 
Vicki:  Wow, WHAT a week - maybe you need a pick me up coffee with your Mum??
OR, I could make myself one and you could too and we could pretend we're chatting somewhere in the sun!!
Me:  Oh Vicki... that sounds devine... I definitely need a pick me up today. It seems yesterday and today I'm on the verge of tears at the drop of a hat... just way too many emotions running around here lately!!!!
I'm going to make that coffee now... hope you can make one for yourself as well....and I think we should be in Paris drinking it.. James did come home with a tan, so it must be pretty nice there at the moment!
Thanks Vicki xx
Vicki:   Hang in there, I understand exactly what you mean!
And then she rang me from Tassy and we spoke for ages on the phone.
Just what I needed.

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